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Log in to another user's account with a click
Login as User (LAU2)
Administrators can log in as User X with this add-on. Login via the admin bar or via the member profile. Of course, this is only possible with the correct permission.

This helps e.g. to better understand problems a user has in order to be able to help him.
A link in the admin bar will allow them to quickly return to their own account at any time.

This add-on offers a lot of settings and functions which can be seen on the pictures.

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Excellent Add-On, makes admin's life much easier. Works w/o any problem so far. Special thanks for offering this free of charge.
for example it is necessary to check access rights of users.
it was in the admin panel in the first version
A free but very useful add-on to know the problems of your members on your forum. The developer is very attentive to your suggestions and he frequently add new options. I recommend the add-on and also the developer !

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