• Hello, dear ones.

    there is now a continued existence of add-ons (all). Not under xenMade.

    I will hand over the project as such in about a week. If you don't want me to pass on your data/account - please write me. I will then delete the account - which also means the loss of licenses.

    I don't know what changes will happen on the bottom line and I have no influence on it.

    I am happy that the Add-Ons will be continued.

    All licenses are retained and will be continued. Of course not if they have their account deleted.

Auto Follow on Registration (AFOR2) - Releases

New members follow specified users and specified users follow the new member.
Auto Follow on Registration (AFOR2)
This add-on allows you to be automatically followed by your new members: when you register, the new member will automatically become your fan and you will receive an alert.

It also allows you to follow new members by the member of your choice, several people can be followed at the same time as for new members.

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