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xenMade and the copyright-link

au lait

au lait

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You often take things over because that's what they all do. Or because they are modern. Or because it's simply "normal". But without ever questioning it. In this case we are talking about the copyright-link obligation in the footer our add-ons.

I think it makes more sense if you have the choice to support us with a copyright-link in the footer or not instead of being forced to.
We want to advertise for ourselves through good add-ons and not through a compulsory copyright-link.
The copyright-link notice is still displayed in the footer. But YOU have the free choice to disable this by setting a flag in config.php.

And this does not cost you any more taler from now on.

How do I remove the copyright?
To remove it is very simply:
Go to /src/config.php and add the this line $config['xenMadeBrandingRemover'] = true;

If you have any problems, write me here.

This regulation only applies to XF2 Add-Ons


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thank you for giving us that option

I will keep the copyright notice because I want many people buy your add-on

happy christmas!!