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Implemented Suggestion: When "Download all Attachments" is used, make the name of the zip(folder) -> the name of the thread


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Wow, what a great service, thank you for all of that.

One thing about this suggestion.

Maybe include the post number of the thread to the name, too?

Because when we would download attachments from the same thread from post nr.1 and post nr.2, the name of the zip(folder) will be the same.
So it is not clear from which post the files were downloaded. Imagine a thread with hundreds of messages and each of them having attachments (like a picture thread).

So maybe include this number:
1532952377394.png 1532952393467.png


Hello this is my thread #1.zip
Hello this is my thread #2.zip
Hello this is my thread #999.zip

But I am not sure if it is a good idea. Still thank you for implementing the thread title.
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