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Not a bug Sort Problmes

Discussion in 'Resolved Bugs' started by sbj, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. sbj

    sbj New Member XenForo License


    after a long time I switched to xf2 (2.0.2), and it seems the custom alphabet doesn't work.

    I set it up with this:


    and it doesn't sort correctly the cases o/ö or u/ü or i/ı/î

    Can you confirm?
  2. au lait

    au lait Administrator Staff Member XenForo License

    Send me a screenshot of what you mean!
  3. sbj

    sbj New Member XenForo License

    First problem, when I sort it alphabetically, it sorts it descending.
    Like when I sort with A, it starts with "Az" "Ay" "Ax" "Aw" ... and at last "Aa".
    But it should start with "A", then "Aa" etc.



    Look at your own example.

    The word starting with "Ğ" should come after all the words starting with "G". As this is how it should be sorted. We defined it like that in admincp.
    That word is in the middle between the "G" words. Why?

    And I have the same problem with all the other letters, who look similar. Like u/ü.

    PS: Write me a pm in German, if you want to know more.
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