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Not a bug Server error logs spammed by "Undefined index: host"



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HL2 is generating a lot of logs on my board.

Here is the stack trace of one of the errors:
#0 src/addons/xenMade/HideLinks/Util/HideLinks.php(427): XF::handlePhpError(8, '[E_NOTICE] Unde...', 'REDACTED', 427, Array)
#1 src/addons/xenMade/HideLinks/Util/HideLinks.php(458): xenMade\HideLinks\Util\HideLinks->getHost()
#2 src/addons/xenMade/HideLinks/Util/HideLinks.php(302): xenMade\HideLinks\Util\HideLinks->wildcardDomain('cheat-gam3.com')
#3 src/addons/xenMade/HideLinks/Util/HideLinks.php(289): xenMade\HideLinks\Util\HideLinks->hideLink('<a href="mailto...')
#4 src/addons/xenMade/HideLinks/Util/HideLinks.php(132): xenMade\HideLinks\Util\HideLinks->checkInternalLink('<a href="mailto...')
#5 src/addons/xenMade/HideLinks/Util/HideLinks.php(109): xenMade\HideLinks\Util\HideLinks->checkLink(Array)
#6 src/addons/xenMade/HideLinks/XF/BbCode/Renderer/Html.php(35): xenMade\HideLinks\Util\HideLinks->fetchLink('<a href="mailto...')
#7 [internal function]: xenMade\HideLinks\XF\BbCode\Renderer\Html->renderTagEmail(Array, NULL, Array, Array, Object(xenMade\HideLinks\XF\BbCode\Renderer\Html))
#8 src/XF/BbCode/Renderer/Html.php(246): call_user_func(Array, Array, NULL, Array, Array, Object(xenMade\HideLinks\XF\BbCode\Renderer\Html))
#9 src/XF/BbCode/Traverser.php(54): XF\BbCode\Renderer\Html->renderTag(Array, Array)
#21 {main}
I am running HL2 1.1.1 and had the same error on PHP 5 / 7.

Here are some information that may help:
- All the stack trace come from the RSS viewer
- All the stack trace involve a mailto: <a href="mailto:..."
- It does generate any log if I am logged in as an admin (but does log if I am not logged in), this may be because this code is never called as an admin as they are allowed to see all links.
- The replace still works, it only generates these notices

I am available if you need more information / if I can help you to locate the exact bug.



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1.2.0 does not have the problem.