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SEO2 minimal Threads for google/guest

au lait

au lait

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It is now possible to show Google and guests more content.
We're talking about threads that send a 403 status and present a login page to the guest. For google and guests a page without value.
With the new function "minimal threads" the 1st post is displayed to the guest in a variable length. Including the correct thread title etc.

In addition the status code can be changed from 403 to 200, depending upon desire.

Of course, important forums can be excluded.

This is how the logged in user sees a thread

This is how the guest and google sees it

That's what it could look like.



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@au lait ,

may be my daily dose of espresso hasn´t reached it´s normal state, but I don´t get it at first glance ;) What is this function targeted for and what is the benefit in SEO terms, we could expect? Could you tell us a bit more in depth?