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Not a bug My links keep going to Approval queue



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I approve my links, but everyday they keep going back to the approval queue, so i have to approve them again but they go back to queue next day
i dont know why


au lait

au lait

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I also have this in my test environment! This is not a bug as far as I have noticed! They come because the links need a backlink and have been deactivated.

Either the page has no backling or does not send a 200 status.


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Hmm... have the same problem with some of the links.

And no backlink is needed/required in our case.


To me it seems like there is some problem with a cron job. Because we also have the "problem" that some links show up inside the "new link" on "whats new overview" and some donĀ“t ... even several days later.

Just wanted to let you know....
Take your time. Wish you all the best!