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Implemented Multiple words

Discussion in 'Keyword Management (KWM2)' started by Tealk, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Tealk

    Tealk Member XenForo License


    would it be possible to select multiple words for the filter in this two categorys?
    • Replace words with links
    • Shortcuts / Tooltips
    like separated by a comma:
  2. au lait

    au lait Administrator Staff Member XenForo License

    Not at the moment!

    I will check this for a future version and will contact you again.
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  3. JTLSoftware

    JTLSoftware New Member XenForo License

    We would be also very interessted in.
    For example the users write something like:
    testaccount or test-account or testaccounts
    Also interessting would be phrases with more than 1 word like:
    "test account"

    If its too difficult, what about the option to duplicate entries?
    So ein can add an entry with testaccount (and my preffered options) and duplicate it. So i only have to change testaccount to test-account.

    But the first option would be the best. (All words/phrases in one entry)
  4. JTLSoftware

    JTLSoftware New Member XenForo License

    I tested it again today.

    If i have an entry for test account and for account so your addon will only find account. Test account is not getting any link.

    If a user writes in one Post test account and account, both will get a link because your addon thinks that these are different things.

    If we would have the option like wished from the TO there will only be one Phrase which gets the link because the system knows test account and account is the same, so it would replace just one of it (if the Limit for Replacements is set to 1)
  5. au lait

    au lait Administrator Staff Member XenForo License

    Multiple words will appear in the upcoming new version.



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