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Fixed Merging thread 301 redirect not working



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  1. Select thread 1 for moderation
  2. Select thread 2 for moderation
  3. Select merge thread from inline moderation
  4. Default ST404 behavior is to create 301 redirect for the non-target thread
  5. Merge
  6. Navigate to thread 1 (non-target)
Expected result:
  • Redirected to thread 2
Actual result:
  • Get 404 error
Running XF 2.0.12 and ST404 1.5.1
au lait

au lait

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thanks! Problem fixed! Since the data is already incorrect in the DB, the error is unfortunately not retroactive.


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Still not working when merging two new threads. Get "Oops! We ran into some problems." error when navigating to non-target thread.