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  1. au lait

    Will be checked Can not delete user

    I can't confirm it like this How do you delete a user? https://xenmade.com/data/12-12-_2018_14-12-53.mp4
  2. au lait

    Fixed Decrease copyright line(s) in footer

    All add-ons that affect this problem have now been updated.
  3. au lait

    Keyword Management (KWM2) 1.4.1

    [fixed] Template issue
  4. au lait

    Link Management (HL2) 1.2.1

    [fixed] Template issue
  5. au lait

    User account self-delete (UASD2) 1.1.3

    [fixed] Template issue
  6. au lait

    Login as User (LAU2) 1.2.3

    [fixed] Template issue
  7. au lait

    ACP Extended (ACPE2) 1.3.0

    [add] Option: Delete threads from these forums [add] Option: Do not delete threads from the following users [add] Option: Days after an unconfirmed account is automatically deleted
  8. au lait

    Implemented RQ: Replace keyword with image

    Thank you. It is available in the new KWM
  9. au lait

    Watch forums after registration (STWFAR2) 1.0.0

    In the "User registration" it can be specified which forums the new user automatically watches after registration.
  10. au lait

    Watch forums after registration (STWFAR2) 1.0.0

    initial release
  11. au lait

    Bug: Add mass urls

  12. au lait

    Link Directory (LD2) 1.0.0 b4

    [add] ACP: Insert mass Urls [add] Image in the Thread Message [add] Fresh Image Rebuilder [add] Creating a Thread subsequently [fixed] many other bugs [fixed] templates [fixed] If a link thread is deleted, the link was not reset.
  13. au lait

    Implemented Thread/Discussion for Link

    I will implement both in the B4.
  14. au lait

    Fixed Field 'backlink_location' doesn't have a default value

    please create a thread in the private forum You are welcome to have the pre-release version. Unfortunately I had no time today! So the release will be tomorrow.
  15. au lait

    Implemented Backlink Checker

    I will bring improvements
  16. au lait

    If I can upgrade LD1 to LD2?

    Of course, you can. You write me then in the "private forum" a notice in addition. And I will enter the LD2 license for you.
  17. au lait

    If I can upgrade LD1 to LD2?

    An update is not possible! You install the LD2 in XF2 and then import the data from the LD1. LD2 has an importer.
  18. au lait

    Fixed Field 'backlink_location' doesn't have a default value

    :mad::confused::eek: fix is coming tomorrow