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Link Management (HL2)

Manage your links - hide links based on extensive rules - e. g. for guests

Product Details

According to various rules this Add-on hides links in post, signature, profile-post, media-bbCode (ACP -> BB Code Media Sites), IMG BBCode for eligible user groups.

- hidden links in post, signature, profile-post, quotes and media-bbCode(ACP -> BB Code Media Sites), IMG BBCode, Conversationen
- URL Blacklist
- whitelist function + free choice of anonymity of links + follow option
- blacklist function + authorized adjustments for visibility of links
- external links + redirecting blacklist links with an anonymizer (selectable)
- hidden external links (selectable)
- hidden internal links (selectable)
- based on user groups
- limited forums
- count clicks on external Links
- free selectable text instead of link. Link can be replaced with text. Link will be visible if no text is entered (field is blocked)
- wildcard for domains (*.)

Important information:
This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd.


  1. Screen_20171123115101.png
  2. Screen_20171123115217.png
  3. Screen_20171123122138.png
  4. Screen_20171123122403.png
  5. Screen_20171123122423.png
  6. hidelinks.png
  7. Screen_20180206015227.png
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