Alphabetical pagination for XF and more 1.6

Only for the XenForo Media Gallery

Product Details

User: TestAdmin
Password: testadmin

This addon brings you the functionality to sort many areas alphabetically.
This Add-on can add alphabetically pagination for this areas (on/off function):

  • XF - Thread (With selection in which nodes)
  • XF - Member
  • XF - Conversation
  • MG - Album (requirements XenForo Media Gallery)
  • MG - sort Categories (requirements XenForo Media Gallery)
  • RM - Index (requirements XenForo Resource Manager)
  • RM - Categories (requirements XenForo Resource Manager)
Multilanguage Support

- No additional queries!

Thanks for this idea to @Terror
A feature the media gallery does not have by default and was requested by users.

Important information:
This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd.


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