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Alphabetical pagination (ABP2)

Alphabetical pagination for XF and more

Product Details

This addon brings you the functionality to sort many areas alphabetically.
This Add-on can add alphabetically pagination for this areas (on/off function):
  • XF - Thread (With selection in which nodes)
  • XF - Conversation
  • XenForo Members
  • XenForo Media Gallery (Many areas)
  • XenForo Media Gallery -> Sort Categories
  • XenForo Resources Manager (Many areas)
  • XenForo Resources Manager -> Sort Categories
Multilanguage Support

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  1. dummy.png
  2. Screen_20171205015151.png
  3. Screen_20171206015114.png
  4. Screen_20171206015156.png
  5. Screen_20171206015202.png
  6. Screen_20171206015206.png
  7. Screen_20171206015212.png
  8. Screen_20171206015257.png
  9. Screen_20171206015303.png
  10. Screen_20171206015311.png
  11. Screen_20171207023145.png
  12. Screen_20171207023204.png
  13. Screen_20180103041045.png
  14. Screen_20180103041058.png
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