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Advanced Attachment System (AAS)

Attachment SEO, PDF-Preview, Attachment options for specific forums, QR-Code and more

Product Details


Advanced Attachment System (AAS) has SEO, PDF-Preview, Attachment options for specific forums, QR-Code and more...

  • Watermark for Images
    - based on group rights
    - Original images are not changed - Also for existing attachments
    - Available for Post, Conversation, Resource Manager
    - with Image Cache
  • Allows attachment settings per node for size (kB and px) and file type instead forum wide (XenForo default)
  • Prefix for Attachment Name
  • Allows embed PDF previews in posts
    (this require Imagick and GhostScript on server side)
  • Open PDF in a new Browser Tab - Instead it to download
    (leave your members longer on your side)
  • Download all Attachments from a post at once as ZIP file
    (usergroup permissions)
  • QR code for Attachments to scan with your smartphone
    (easy file download to smartphone)
  • Important Notice: Both, GhostScript and Imagick, are recommended but are only required for the PDF preview feature. If you do not need the PDF preview, neither Ghostscript still Imagick to be installed.
  • Download Tracker (Option)
  • Download each Attachment zipped (Option)
  • Download Limit Post Attachments / RM Attachments
    -Group Permmison Download Time-Limit
    -Group Permmison max. Downloads on the Time-Limit
    -Group Permmison max. Traffic on the Time-Limit
    -Group Permmison Bypass download limit for the RM
  • MP3 Support
  • List Attachments in the ThreadList
  • Download Info File for the AAS Zip File with Variable "forum" and "username" and more varibale for the Info File.
  • Attachment List by User Profile - The user can set who can view the Attachment-List! Privacy Setting
  • Attachment List in the account
  • Attachemnt Stats in ACP Home / Forum Home (Stats Block)
  • Attachment Browser for User
  • PDF Preview for RM

Extra SEO functionality for Images:
  • let you and/or your members manual input an ALT attribute byAttachment (usergroup permissions)
  • or you can set a general ALT attribute (in ACP Addon settings) which will be awarded for all attachments and which can be created with these variables:{threadtitle}, {username},{attachcounter}, {postcounter}, {postdate}, {posttime}, {boardtitle}, {postid}, {threadid}, {imagetype}, {filename}
    e.g.: „Image {filename} from {boardtitle} by {postdate}“
  • Here is creativity needed.
  • SEO Name for RM Attachments
  • SEO Alt Tag for PDF
... of course only if no manual ALT text has been entered.
Linked images will also considered, but not to the extent as attachments
  • a) you can set the filename as ALT attributes
  • b) or by ACP-Settings you can set a general ALT attribute which will be awarded for all attachments and which can be created with these variables: {threadtitle}, {threaddate}, {threadtime}, {boardtitle}, {threadid}
- of course only if no manual ALT text has been entered.

Supports "GoodForNothing Classifieds"

Important: Do you use the add-on " [bd] Attachment Store", then does not work the watermark!


  1. aas.png
  2. Screen_15032016115848.png
  3. Screen_16022016121116.png
  4. Screen_16022016121334.png
  5. Screen_16022016121428.png
  6. Screen_16022016154429.png
  7. Screen_20170312080237.png
  8. Screen_20170329022750.png
  9. Screen_20170329022943.png
  10. Screen_20170329023041.png
  11. Screen_20170329023050.png
  12. Screen_20170329023054.png
  13. Screen_20170329023103.png
  14. Screen_20170329023153.png
  15. Screen_20170329023245.png
  16. Screen_20170329023300.png
  17. Screen_20170329023725.png
  18. Screen_26032016132334.png
  19. Screen_26032016132347.png
  20. Screen_26072016154024.png
  21. Screen_26072016154115.png
  22. Screen_26072016154127.png
  23. Screen_20170405035930_.png
  24. Screen_20170405090321.png
  25. Screen_20170406042403.png
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